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The in vitro transfection of nucleic acids into eukaryotic cells is one of the biggest challenges in the daily lab routine. Suspension cells, stem cells and primary cells are very hard to transfect. Either you can't reach them or the toxicity of the reagents is to high and the cells die. Viromers are transfection polymers featuring an active endosome escape. With this new system you can effectively, safe and gently transfect a wide range of

              suspension cells, stem cells and primary cells.

Therefore, Viromer® BLUE, GREEN and BLACK are optimized for siRNA and miRNA transfection. Viromer® RED and YELLOW are especially developed for plasmid DNA transfection. Due to their polymeric nature, the transfection with Viromers supports cell signaling and metabolic studies without affecting the cell cycle by it's own - neither the activation of immunologic active cells nor the interference with the metabolic pathways of adipocytes or hepatocytes. Improve your research with Viromers today!

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