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Lipocalyx and Georgia Tech Team Up for Influenza Program

Atlanta / Halle, Sep 30th, 2019. Lipocalyx, a leading developer of delivery systems for RNA therapeutics today announced collaboration with researchers from Georgia Tech to develop novel treatments for influenza. Under the agreement, the Atlanta, Georgia, based group led by Phil Santangelo will identify and develop novel treatments for pandemic flu using mRNA. The German Lipocalyx [...]

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Lipocalyx Enters R&D Agreement with BioNTech

Halle, Jan 24th, 2018. Lipocalyx, a leading developer of drug delivery systems for nucleic acids, has entered into a research and development agreement with BioNTech AG exclusive for certain fields. Under the agreement, Lipocalyx will apply its Viromer® technology for the delivery of certain mRNA’s and BioNTech will assume responsibility for the development of the [...]

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Notice of Allowance for Viromer IP in the United States

Today, Lipocalyx reports the issuance of a Notice of Allowance for its application 14/432,361 by the US Patent and Trademark Office and positive examination of a related application. The invention named “Carboxylated Polyamine Derivatives as Transfection Reagents” covers an entire class of delivery vehicles that has broad applicability in the development of modern therapeutics based [...]

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Lipocalyx Unveils its Viromer ONE Platform

Lipocalyx, a biotech company based in Halle, Germany, today lifted the shades on its Viromer ONE platform. The novel compound/device combo allows the straightforward transfer of DNA or mRNA into cultured cells, a standard application in molecular biology labs. Dr. Steffen Panzner, CEO of Lipocalyx, says: “We were “mildly obsessed” with the possibility of having [...]

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