Lipocalyx Unveils its Viromer ONE Platform

Lipocalyx, a biotech company based in Halle, Germany, today lifted the shades on its Viromer ONE platform. The novel compound/device combo allows the straightforward transfer of DNA or mRNA into cultured cells, a standard application in molecular biology labs.

Dr. Steffen Panzner, CEO of Lipocalyx, says: “We were “mildly obsessed” with the possibility of having a standardized and powerful reagent that simplifies DNA transfection. Viromer ONE is our current end point of mastering a number of challenges in the technology, all the way from lyophilizing nanoparticle reagents over finding the right hardware through to designing the right protocol. The result is an amazingly simple reagent and I congratulate the team for this achievement”.

Bettina Weber, product manager at Lipocalyx, says: “Viromer ONE defines a completely new stage of simplification in the lab. It has the convenience and the accuracy you want from present-day solutions, simply a very smart way of doing things. I loved the concept from its beginning and I am looking very forward to seeing the response in the research community”

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