Notice of Allowance for Viromer IP in the United States

Today, Lipocalyx reports the issuance of a Notice of Allowance for its application 14/432,361 by the US Patent and Trademark Office and positive examination of a related application. The invention named “Carboxylated Polyamine Derivatives as Transfection Reagents” covers an entire class of delivery vehicles that has broad applicability in the development of modern therapeutics based on mRNA, siRNA or Cas9/CRISPR.

Lipocalyx’ CEO Dr. Panzner says: “We are delighted to see a clear and very fast decision by the USPTO, fully acknowledging the novelty of the materials and distance from prior art. The decision to allow this IP together with the positive examination of a related case strongly support the development of our Viromer® technology as a premier delivery tool for genomic medicines”.

Dr. Reinsch, Head of Development, comments: “Starting back in 2013, when we initially marketed Viromer BLUE, this technology was quickly adopted by the market. We by today did receive positive results for more than 120 cell types and have seen more than 50 original research papers coming out of this work.”

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